Changing Lives

Changing Lives
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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Growing Your Business

Growing a customer base, Retail - What makes people buy, they see a value.  Tell stories, your result story and others.  People have problems in their lives and we teach them that we have a solution.  Value to them.
Send an email every day....with value free.
Teach how to do what we do, free 

Focus on 4 skills - 
How to approach people, conversation starters, questions to ask,
Smile and look for something to compliment them on.  Depending on each circumstance
waitress, clerk, mom with cute kids, person in the gym, thin person, overweight person, retired person, 

Internet Marketing on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter can help you make money online.
Can I generate leads online? More than 3 billion people are now using the Internet, according to the United Nations agency that oversees international communications. The number of Internet users has increased from 738 million in 2000 to 3.2 billion in 2015, according to a new report from the International Telecommunication Union.May 26, 2015. That is 40% of world population.
What is strategy to get more traffic?  Clicks on ad, landing page,lead magnet, opt-ins on FB variety of things leverage multple platforms, view people who have watched my videos, my FB likes.
Search traffic, 

Thomas - Fired, waiting tables, an underachiever, and he watched a video on Network Marketing
Growth is in leadership, you do not have to wait, you can start moving immediately.

Geri would find a telephone booth, put that phone number on her flyer, put the day & hours to call and would bring a chair to the phone booth..."Geri C's office, may I help you."

Leslie would put "Lose weight Flyers in large size swim suits.

Hal joined our company during 1st year 1980, for 6 months never recruited any one, he used to sell NRG tabs on the beach for 50 cents, now Hal is retired with an incredible lifestyle.

Eric has a heart for people to help them understand Network Marketing 

Health & Fitness,
How did this happen?  Looking for a company?  They have what I want.  Hanging out with other members.

Number 1 thing that allowed me to go full time?  Get Around the people that you want to be like.
Excited, proud of your company, talk with belief and passion
Day to day, do grow your business.

Cesar, good skill to introduce, (walk on water & glow in the dark) working at GNC, sent his resume, introduced his sponsor, don't wait, jump in the pond, 1st 100 people told me no!! 
What is the biggest skill that people lack, posture?  Perception of  a position of strength
Help people learn to be more persuasive for biz & products. 

Jim Rohn says "Make up in numbers what you lack in skills."

Marry your business of offline, online, a little of both will help you refine your skills.

Twitter linked/FB,
My whole day is layed out on Google Calendar, both on and off line.  
YouTubeBlogging & Facebook.  
Adapt & adopt these things to your own way.
Listen to this training!!!  Eric Worre!!  The Value is incredible!!

Up and coming legends in this business.
Having a tough time scraping up the money to attend this Extravaganza.  Feeling vulnerable??
Set your goal, My 1st goal was to make 3 sales a day.  I needed to profit $150 a day.
Put one foot in front of the other and go out each day to talk, do flyer/busness cards  
Have the mindset that this business, this company came into your life for a reason!!

Think about the lives You are Not impacting, the people who are searching for more money, better health, losing weight, 

Get 15 new phone numbers, (When I flew to St. Louis Extravaganza, I had a 3 hour lay-over so I chatted with people)
I have a recruiting video on my phone, and I shared the video with them 
Then go online to sign them up as a member

Cold market talking, opening line according to what you are in front of.... it may be wow, love your skirt, have normal conversation, how long have you worked here? You are such a great people person to a server
Sincerely listen well, but later it will turn to an Invitation to your appointment for presentation.

Personal Growth happens as you learn from others.  
Video Formula..... Do intro with a question, giving some content, builds rapport & do a call to action at the end. Builds your audience, people hear the value, easy to make a video, do them consistently & have it up in about 5 minutes, whip out your cell phone & get it on Youtube in about 5 minutes, easy video status updates. Facebook now has LIVE.

Team Culture, keep them engaged, let your team know what matters to you? Promo & recognition are so important! 

Don't be afraid to be terrible.  Get thru it, copy others. I don't have all the answers but I keep learning while i'm loving what I do #workingfromhome!

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