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Changing Lives
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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

You Won't find Our Products in Stores...Why Not?

Mark Hughes: From his trainings 

Why we don't sell our products in stores? 
"Because, is the store owner going to call you back up and ask you 'how are you doing'? 
Is the store owner going to cheer you on and help you stay focused and remain confident and tell you go, go, go? 
No, that's not going to happen from the store, or the TV set." 

That's why we don't do it this way. 

"You guys are the customer's cheering squad, that keeps them on track, until they get enough confidence, that they make enough progress, that they believe in themselves, so that they finally start doing it for themselves and taking it every day." 

Because in the beginning they may be just using it for you, and you keep coaching them and encouraging them and once they get enough confidence that they're losing weight, they finally start feeling like they have a handle on this stuff and think, 
"I'm going to keep going until I lose all my weight" and they keep using the products and they lose all their weight!!

"Sometimes, you're the only person that believes in the person that you sold the product to, at all, and we have to remember that." 

It's that phone call/text/chat that you make. This is why it's so important to 'follow up"

I can still hear Mark's voice, teaching us how important to follow up, helping people to change their lives.

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