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Changing Lives
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Friday, July 8, 2016

Mentorship is a Privilege

This is a quote from a very dear man, my friend & mentor of many years, Michael, I pray I can be This kind of mentor to everyone who comes into my life.....

Mentorship is a privilege. It doesn't come with getting started in business with me, therefore, I am your mentor.
Similar to being someone's coach the playing field must be defined, embraced by both parties, respected, tended to and protected.
Being a mentor to someone is 'all in' not just when they are flying or doing well.
How about when they stumble, don't get it, do not have the experience of the wisdom?
How about when and if they lie, 'do their thing', hide?
Do you walk away and simply say they are not teachable or something similar and lay blame on the student?
I invite you to dig down within yourself and step UP to the plate of the role you could play in someone's career. Empowering someone to build strength in their field that you have wisdom or expertise in, takes time.
Overnight success is rarely what truly has happened behind the scene. It might be what you see in the numbers, but not in what that player has invested in their own transformation and growth.
Please, protect those mentoring relationships.
Possibly interview some people you respect who are good or great mentors and ask them what some of the core values are of a mentor. I by the way don't have a magic list of core values.
Just some early morning thoughts as I am sipping my delicious ‪#‎Herbalife‬tea.
Let's continue to bring extreme value to the marketplace, today.

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