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Changing Lives
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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Just Do What Has to be Done

Just Do What Has to be Done from Darren Hardy

Today I want you to do that one thing you know has to be done.
Whatever it may be, know that the values in which you believe, and stand for, are counting on you to just do what has to be done.
  • Do you need to let someone go to protect the sanctity of your team and important mission?
  • Is it making a decision to step up and invest in yourself so you can rise to your potential and deliver for your family?
  • Is it admitting your weaknesses, saying you are sorry and having the courage to ask for forgiveness (instead of remaining righteous and stubborn)?
  • Hey, maybe it’s mustering the courage to simply call up you father, mother, son or daughter and simply tell them how much you love them.
Do something. Preferably the (important) thing you know has to be done.
Do this today and you will help keep the legacy of my father shining bright today.
I miss you, Dad.

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