Changing Lives

Changing Lives
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Monday, February 9, 2015

Your 1st Plan

1. Money in your pocket in 72 hours: 
Plan a Grand Opening Party together. Invite family, friends, associates at work, invite twice as many as you would like to come, because not everyone will be able to make it. Seeing your sponsor "do' a party is like "on the job" training. We announce to everyone that this is Your New Business.
2. Set the date: Once you have a plan, make a list and send invitations. Call them to follow-up and day before call to confirm your guest is coming. Day of Grand Opening, you will need orange or pineapple juice, skim or 2% milk & ice cubes.  3 oz. paper cups
3. Your Party: Simple, easy and fun because everyone loves a party and Free samples of Tea, Shakes and Protein Bars. 
4. Success: We do the party together so you see exactly what we do. Once you see how easy it is, you can decide if this is a Business Method you like or you may want to choose Weight Loss Challenges, WLCs are one my favorites and you are welcome to bring guests and learn how we coach to help people reach their goals. Another DMO (daily method of business) is using 3 Day Trials, Packaged product of Protein To Go and Total Control for 3 days and my clients have lost 3 to 5lbs and up to 5.5 inches with that 3 day trial. 
So let's Blast Off together!!  #KoachKay
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