Changing Lives

Changing Lives
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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Puzzle of Your Life

Puzzle of Your Life
Action for Today:
What is your most important goal this year?
Write it down (again).
For a moment… just close your eyes and envision the end of this year having accomplished this goal.
Come on, don’t just read this, do it.
Envision the end of this year having accomplished your number one most important goal.
Got it? Okay, now…
How does it feel?
How is life different? 
How do your spouse, kids, co-workers, employees, friends and family look at you? 
What can you afford, where can you go, who can you help, what can you experience now? 
Take 2 minutes and jot down a few notes in a journal to reinforce your vision.
I look forward to us piecing together the puzzle of your biggest dream and goal!
Your Daily Mentor,

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