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Changing Lives
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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Inside Secret Weapon for Fighting Fat

#Weight lossStill an outstanding health issue in the world!. Constant ads everywhere for weight loss, tells you it is a huge problem but one company, Herbalife in business for over 35 years has specialized in weight loss, real proof that we have the answer.  We have proof of the programs success in pictures, before and after photos of so many people. People who had tried so many things to lose weight and now ecstatic that they found a real solution.  Many of my clients have lost several dress or pant sizes, my friend John is my biggest success story, he lost 215 pounds!

All our programs are based on a healthy meal replacement smoothie that has 23 vitamins & minerals in each. #didjaknow, that this is the Only shake that is qualified by FDA as a Healthy Meal Replacement Shake?  You take a delicious shake twice a day to lose, plus you get to eat one regular balanced meal and even snacks, so really 5 to 6 times a day you are eating!  One key to fat-burning is enough protein to keep you full, and products to increase your metabolism and burn fat.  

One of our latest products, many of us call, "Liquid Lipo' because it burns belly fat. it is a unique formula, that helps reduce caloric intake, promotes body fat loss, gives a feeling of fullness and it is stimulant-free. #prolessaduo, #enhancers,

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