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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

My Car Ran Over Me

This is the Car that rolled over me

We live on a hill.  My parking brake had broken & Brian showed me how to release it manually under the dash board.  I never put the car in neutral, but this day it was in neutral and it rolled over me, up my right leg, over my chest and right shoulder, dragged me to the middle of our street.  
I'm sure it only took a couple of minutes but it felt like an hour.  Funny as it passed over my chest I was thanking God it was rolling over my chest, more padding, right?  Neighbors found me, called 911 and paramedics took me to Trauma Center at UMC hospital.  

After Chest Xrays & CT Abdomen/Pelvis scan
1. Multiple (3rd-8th) anterolateral right rib fractures (6 ribs broken with multiple fractures)
2. Bilateral pleural effusions
3. Bibasilar atelectasis
4. Pulmonary contusions

Hooked up to tubes in both arms, oxygen and waaay more meds than I had ever had in my life. Only been in hospital twice before to deliver 2 babies.

First day, March 28th, about 7:30 am my daughter brought my Herbal Aloe Vera mango flavor & NiteWorks.  It was also my lunch time drink.

Second Day, doctor and her staff came in to talk with me, "Most people your age do Not leave the hospital."  My words, "Well, you are real encouraging."  She stooped down by my bedside and answered, "Well it is generally not the injuries that get you, it is pneumonia that gets people your age."

Celebrated my 75th Birthday in the hospital, sweet nurses brought me cake & balloons.  Spent 3 days in hospital & released me in time to be home for Easter.
I waited for a doctor to visit & tell me when I could go home, when my Grandson came to visit, they released me, that night March 30th, with 2 meds, a muscle relaxer & pain med.  Family took turns staying with me, being sure I had regimen of meds, food etc.

Began Serious Plan to heal as quickly as Herbalife Products & God will allow me.
Day 1 - Water glass had 3 caps Aloe Vera drink & 2 scoops Niteworks all night long (took 30 day supply in 10 days)
Shake for breakfast, 2 tabs #2 multivitamin, 2 Cell Activator, 2 Florafiber, 2 Xtra Cal, 2 Joint Support, 2 Celluloss, 2 Herbalifeline, 1-2 Schizandra plus 3x a day.  Pain meds every 4 hours.

Lunch Shake with 2 tabs #2 multivitamin, 2 Cell Activator, 2 each of Florafiber, Xtra Cal, Joint support, Celluloss, and Herbalifeline.

Dinner- Calabacitas/tortillas, not much appetite, but same regimen of tabs & 1 packet of Core Complex

Brian, my husband was a trooper helping me bathe & shampoo my hair. 
On 10th day was able to bathe myself & started walking very carefully without my walker.

On 12th day, I continued taking 2-3 glasses of Niteworks, 
Mango Aloe Vera in every glass of water, total help for cardiovascular system and circulation. 
Now using multi-vitamin Formula #2 - 3x a day, I felt I needed to double up when my body was under stress with healing.
2 Cell Activator-3x a day, I believe the villi is damaged when I had such a strong regimen of morphine, anti-coagulant shots everyday while hospitalized.
2 Celluloss, 3x a day, needless to say I had swelling & fluid in my body, especially in my leg.
2-3x a day Herbalifeline, I needed a powerful anti-inflammatory and all the Omega 3 for healing & good circulation
1 - 3x a day Schizandra plus, giving my lungs more support & building my immune system
2- 3x a day Joint Support, I believed the torn ligaments & muscle needed more but I have RA, (rheumatoid arthritis) so was already taking it every day
2- 3x a day Tang Quei for pain & muscle relaxer.  I decided after 2 weeks of Oxycodone & another drug for muscle relaxer that I would replace with Herbalife’s Tang Quie

Stopped taking pain med- OxyCodone 5mg 
3 weeks later for Hospital Follow-up visit: 
Doctors were pretty amazed that I was walking without the walker, pain level of 2, needing no pain meds.  Of course, I took an Herbalife catalog to show what products I took for such fast healing.  I used post-it notes to list products & page number so they could read about them. 

Today, I am working on increasing my strength, before the accident, I walked 3.5 miles in an hour, now I am only managing 6 blocks.  Today, June 13, 2013, I am starting again to workout with Samantha, on Herbalife24 workout DVDs to build muscle & energy. 
Please feel free to share my story with anyone you may be able to help.  Kay Wilson

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