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Monday, February 22, 2016

#Kayskitchen Frappaccino

Day 15 of 21 Day Shake Challenge ‪#‎Kayskitchen‬ recipe will blow your mind!!
Starbucks has accomplished quite the feat with its line of indulgent blended coffee drinks by making some of the most caloric, sugar-loaded drinks on the market. Case in point: The popular mocha Frappuccino, which packs 410 calories and a whopping 61 grams of sugar into each 16-ounce cup.
In #KaysKitchen, I have produced a lovely smooth coffee-based blend Only 179 calories
2 scoops of Cafe Latte - 90 cal, 9 gr protein/21 vitamins/minerals and Fiber
8 oz coffee
1 tsp. Cocoa
1 Tbsp honey - 64 cal, 17 grams sugar in honey
2 Tbsp whipped topping (Fry's cool whip) - 25 calories
dash of cinnamon
$3.95 Starbucks vs. $1.65 #KaysKitchen saves $2.30 Plus saves 231 calories!!
‪#‎thinkaboutit‬ if you drink mocha Frappuccino 3 x a week, $11.85 x 52 weeks is $616.20
You save $497 with Herbalife. OMG, if I drink ‪#‎kayskitchenkafe‬ 7 Days it only costs $11.55 for the whole week

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