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Changing Lives
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Thursday, October 29, 2015

ARE YOU Searching For Better Weight Loss Results?

Martha called me when she saw i had a 3 Day Trial Package. She came the next morning and we weighed & measured her, it is very important to measure too.  She wanted to lose some weight and she had no energy. She is a Grandma, who helps with her Grand kids.  I called her to Followup and Martha was amazed that she had No hunger, felt full and had really good energy.

Communication and coaching is a huge part of our job. Finding out what her goals were, was just the beginning. We suggested that she get on our 3 day trial. I talked to her everyday to make sure everything was going well, making sure that any questions she had were answered and that she was drinking water and feeling more energy. On the 4th morning she came in to weigh.....Martha stepped onto the scale and shocked I said, "Step off and then, step back on again", Martha had lost 5 pounds and 5.5 inches and felt so much energy! She was really happy about her progress and became a Member that day!!. Results are what we’re all about! If you or someone you know is tired of being tired or just need help getting healthy, please contact us!  You are not alone and we can help! Congratulations Martha. You amazed me! 

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