Changing Lives

Changing Lives
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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

One Trait Of All Successful People

Action for Today:
As you sit there with coffee, tea or smoothie in hand I want you to ask yourself:
"Do I believe in me?"
Don't answer as you think you should, answer for real.
Do you believe in yourself, really?
Because if you did you'd walk into every room, every conversation, every meeting with poise, confidence and vibrancy.
Do you?
Before the last drop in your cup or glass is finished, remind yourself that you DO believe in you.
Reset your belief in you.
Then walk into your day and this week with that new emboldened belief - in you.
Here's one thing for certain: I believe in you.
Make this one of your best weeks all year.
Believe you can, act accordingly, and you will.
Your Daily Mentor,

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