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Changing Lives
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Friday, August 16, 2013

How Cellular Nutrition Helped Me Recover quickly from a serious accident

kay wilson
How good cellular nutrition helped me recover quickly from a serious accident

I've been taking Herbalife products every day for 20 years- I believe that building up my body with Herbalife's Cellular Nutrition* over the years helped me recover from a recent freak accident when my car rolled over my chest. I was taken to the trauma center with multiple rib fractures and internal injuries. At 75 years old, I was out of the hospital in a record 3 days and at my 3 week hospital follow up, the doctors were pretty amazed that I was walking without a walker and needed no pain medications. (2 weeks after the accident, I decided to replace the Oxycodone & another drug for muscle relaxing with Herbalife's Tang Kuei Plus). Only 3 months after the accident, I started exercising again! - Kay Wilson

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